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TEL: 020-609140      FAX: 020-609744


To be a leading educational centre that provides excellent integrated Islamic and Secular education.


To provide wholistic quality education based on Islamic value and principles

Nursery Sch. Section

Nursery school pupils playing during Fun Day

Primary Sch. Section

Primary Pupils at past graduation ceremony

Secondary Sch. Section

Students during their chemistry practicals

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About Us

Nairobi Muslim Academy

Nairobi Muslim Academy was established in 1995 by Nairobi Islamic Association in a bid to provide Muslims with access to education at different levels.

Education for the Muslim Ummah in Kenya has been wanting since the colonial period, where Muslims were sidelined because of their faith. Since they were unwilling to convert to Christianity they were denied access to Education, this...



  • To provide affordable quality integrated education to Muslim children in Kenya
  • To operate and manage an efficient Islamic institution on sustainable basis
  • To facilitate daawah and Islamic activities
  • Mould the tarbia and Akhlaq of pupils
  • To develop responsible citizens with good morals


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